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We make games.

We were founded in 2017 by two game modders trying to make a small project. Now we are something more.

We used to make small Half-Life mods such as Lost and Dead, and Zombies Ate My Neighbors: GoldSrc Edition. Since then, we have shifted our focus to full fledged game projects on the GoldSource and Source engines from Valve, such as Half-Life: Zombies Ate My Neighbours, and Lost and Dead Anniversary. In the coming decade, you can expect much more to come.

Lost and Dead

Lost and Dead was our first franchise and our first game released in October 2017. A reboot, titled Lost and Dead Anniversary, is currently in the works.

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Halloween Horror

Halloween Horror is a stealth/action game currently in development.

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Half-Life: Zombies Ate My Neighbours

Half-Life: Zombies Ate My Neighbours, aka ZAMNHL, is our ambitious ZAMN-HL crossover and the dawn of a new trilogy.

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Open-Source Projects

Nearly all of our games, work-in-progress or complete, have their files, sources and SDKs completely open-source on our GitHub page.