ZAMNHLMP 2.5 – the best update yet, releasing midnight GMT!
ZAMNHLMP 2.5 – the best update yet, releasing midnight GMT!

Hey everyone! Lead Developer Sabian here.

The Phoenix Project Software and I are excited to announce the latest and greatest update for ZAMNHLMP, version 2.5, releasing 6th June 2021, at midnight GMT. We are taking today to make final preparations for the release.

There's loads of additions, removals, patches and hotfixes in this update - the changelog is below.

  • New menu background
  • Removed nude models from the KitKat maps
  • Content overhaul
  • New menu font
  • New menu background
  • New sounds on Crossfire
  • New music
  • New maps - Cove, Dyce and Guardian
  • Removed un-needed playermodels
  • Added an option to view the credits on the menu
  • Removed the gaps on the menu
  • Added options to the Game tab of CUSTOM GAMES
  • Added options to Multiplayer > Advanced
  • Changed outdated controls from 'SHOOTER TOURNEYS CONTROLS' to 'ZAMNHLMP CONTROLS'
  • Removed usespam
  • Fixed the botched lighting on Crossfire
  • New music on Kasino
  • Added missing files from AG, including the CTF FGD for mappers (more changes for CTF will be in version 2.5.1 which we plan to release on June 20)
  • Fixed a bug where the Saplight music on the map Kasino2 would play in very low quality
  • Fixed a bug regarding the Discord Rich Presence where the icon would not show when not in-game

OpenAG Hotfix 1:

  • Added cl_old_scoreboard (thanks chinese-soup).
  • Added rainbow HUD, set hud_rainbow to 1 to enable (thanks tmp64).
  • Added the customtimer command (thanks chinese-soup).
  • Added the writemap command that writes the current map name into saved_maps.txt (thanks czarsonszef).
  • Added cl_viewmodel_fov and cl_viewmodel_ofs_* CVars to adjust viewmodel rendering (thanks chinese-soup).
  • Fixed wrong crosshair when spectating (thanks chinese-soup).
  • Fixed cl_forceteammatemodel when spectating (thanks chinese-soup).
  • Disabled thirdperson in multiplayer (thanks chinese-soup).
  • Fixed ammo below 10 being misaligned on the HUD (thanks chinese-soup).
  • Changed chat messages to appear instantly in the console and made hud_saytext_time save into config.cfg (thanks chinese-soup).
  • Made default_fov save into config.cfg (thanks tmp64).
  • Fixed HLTV ignoring default_fov (thanks chinese-soup).
  • A few bugfixes on the spectator VGUI controls (thanks chinese-soup).
  • A few other bugfixes (thanks tmp64).

There's also something else I wanted to announce. Today, on 5th June 2021, all previous versions of ZAMNHLMP (Half-Life: Zombies Ate My Neighbours Multiplayer and Shooter Tourneys), including versions 1.0, 1.1, 1.2, 1.3, 1.4, 1.5, 2.0, 2.1, 2.2, 2.3, and 2.4, will be removed from Mod DB. This is to avoid confusion, and so that players don't have conflicting versions as we have replaced, moved and removed files - the playtesters had these issues and had to delete their game every time they updated.

All previous versions will still be archived and hosted at

We look forward to releasing 2.5, and we hope you enjoy it. Meanwhile, have fun, and keep fragging!